About me

My name is Bart, a 30-something living in Leuven, Belgium. Next to my job, I have two passions: sports and building furniture. INVICTVS is about the latter.

As a little boy I was always making and breaking things. I wanted to know how everything worked, and how to do things myself. I got my first workbench and tools at age 8 or 9. My grandpa had a forgery, which was right behind my parent's house and I spent hours there trying to build all kinds of stuff. I never got around to pursuing this talent, as I ended up studying business and working in a totally different area.
While I always had this predilection for design and creation with wood and steel, it was not until 2015 that I decided to deepen my knowledge in this domain and took on a furniture builder's course in Leuven, Belgium.
In 2019 I graduated and decided to become a part-time furniture builder, specialising in small to medium sized pieces such as wine racks, bedside tables and wall art.

I try to take a sustainable approach in my work, and waste as little material as possible. Wood and steel offcuts are making up a large part of the 'waste material' in my shop, but with some ingenuity can be used to make other pieces, mostly with an industrial look.

My artistic items are all built using offcuts, reclaimed or recycled materials, coming from old structures or furniture that would otherwise end up in a landfill or an oven. While it takes a bit of work to get working materials out of old furniture, every time I am amazed at how much you can really get out of them.
The wood quality of old furniture is oftentimes exceptional and the feeling of giving old wood a second life is very satisfying.

What's in a name?

How I work

My work is built-to-order, with a very high level of customisation. Pretty much everything can be adjusted according to customer demands.
I start by visualising the customer's general idea. After some sketching the idea will be materialised in a three-dimensional model, presented to the customer and adjusted to his or her taste and wishes.
Next, a quote will be offered and when the customer agrees, production can start.
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